Here we have added the most frequently asked questions, revealing more information about us and our way of work. In addition, it will also explain many things about our services. Of course, we can't cover all your questions, so don't hesitate to contact us if you can't find the answer to all FAQs.

FAQ about our Team

1Who are you?
We are a team of 3 extremely interested in the topic of reliable football predictions people. Moreover, each of us has been an expert in under-over tips for many years.
2How long time you been in the betting industry?
10+ years in the betting industry. Consequently, 7+ years as a professional football under and over tips provider.
3Tell me more about your Over 2.5 goals Tipster
Lars is our professional tipster. He is the third person on our team. Firstly, Lars has been professionally engaged in football predictions for over 12 years. Moreover, has been a specialist in Over/Under Tips advice for over 7 years. At the moment he only deals with Under/Over Tips & BTTS Predictions. Most importantly, It finds the best tips for the day and sends them to customers' emails.
4What are the other 2 of the team doing?
One is fully dedicated to the development, maintenance, and functionality of the website. Therefore, the other helps with marketing and finding more customers.


1What are your accepted payment methods?
We accept PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, Revolut, and Wise. Moreover, Western Union, and Credit/Debit cards. In addition, MPesa, and Crypto (Bitcoin and USDT only).
2What happens if you don't use the payment method I can pay you with?
There isn't one. We can use everyone, all over the world.
3What is your general payment email or id?
Our email for almost all payment methods is the same as in the footer. On the other hand, It's still good to contact us before payment.
4What is the easiest way to pay for Under and Overs?
Just simply click on the BUY TIPS button at the buy tips page price boxes. For other paymetns just contact us for PM details.

Questions regarding Under Over Tips

1When will I receive your betting tips?
Tips are emailed early so that you have plenty of time to place your bets before the matches. Moreover, some days we give tips the night before if we know that the odds will fall a lot in the morning.
2Why do you email your tips?
Firstly, we believe this is the fastest and most convenient way to get our football tips. Secondly, It also has good accountability. In addition, Gmail has the highest security.
3Do I have to be a soccer fan to do well with your tips?
No, the truth is you don't even have to like or watch soccer to succeed with our tips. Just trust us, receive your email, and bet. In short, that's it!
4How many tips can I count on receiving each day?
You will receive two tips per day if you choose the 2 Under/Over tips service. In case you choose the Sure Tip service you will receive 1 tip per day. However, If you get both, then you will receive 3 tips per day.
5Do you focus your tips only on major football leagues?
No. We focus on leagues where the most goals are scored on average per month. To sum up, the annual goal statistics of the championships are also extremely important.
6What is your daily average win rate?
2 DAILY OVER/UNDER 2.5 GOALS TIPS- Over 90% Probability
SURE OVER/UNDER 2.5 TIP - Over 95% Probability
7What is the monthly success rate?
2 UNDER/OVER TIPS MONTHLY - Over 78% Probability
SURE OVER/UNDER 2.5 TIPS MONTHLY - Over 87% Probability
8 Is your winning percentage accurate?
Yes, we carefully track the performance of all our tips and carefully calculate our winning percentage each month. Then we send the data to all customers.
9How do you maintain such a high win rate with Under/Over Predictions?
Through statistical development tools, a unique betting algorithm. besides, long research, hard work, and an expert, talented tipster (Lars).
10Do you provide a soccer betting system to your customers?
Of course, if you are a beginner you will definitely need such help. For instance, being our client, we always ask if there is a need for this. Therefore, if so - we ask you the right questions and make the right betting strategy for you.
11Do you offer discounts?
Yes. All monthly Under Over Predictions are with a discount. However, we can negotiate with you for a further discount. Depends on many things. For example, which country you are from, how long you want to try our services and more.
12 Which bookmaker do you use most often?
We use all bookmakers. Most importantly, our team always complies with the client's bookies and their football programs, odds, etc. For instance, the odds that are displayed on the website are taken from Bet365 the most used bookmaker.
13Do you offer Free Over 2.5 goals Tips?
Yes. You can follow them daily at our home page top table.
14What is the Under/Over Tips' usual coefficient?
To the free under-overs - from 1.10 up to 1.50 To all Paid Under/Over Tips - from 1.53 up to 1.80 Above all, you can combine the free Under/Over Tips if you want to get high odds if you wish.
15If I want to test your service for 3 days do you give a discount?
Yes, it's possible. Just contact us.
16If I want to subscribe for 2,3 months or more?
This is the best way to receive a huge discount. This is to say, we recommend trying daily and monthly first, so you can be familiar with our way of work, etc.
17Where do you track the results of the matches?
We use mostly flashscore and livescore

FAQ for Losses and Replacement Tips

1What happens in case of loss?
You will get the same service for free the next day. This is exactly why your bank management is extremely important.
2What happens if the Sure O/U Tip is not profitable?
In this case, you get a free Sure tip the next day. Most importantly, will receive extra matches to get you back in profit as quickly as possible.
3If there are 2 losses?
It happened. At the end of the day, it's betting. Moreover, nothing is 100% sure. For example, in case of 1 or 2 losses, you will get the same service on the next day.
4What happens if I purchase a monthly subscription and fail to reach the required success %?
In this case, after the end of the period, you start receiving free predictions every day until you reach the goal. Moreover, sometimes you may also get more than 1 match per day.
5Will I be able to take advantage of Replacement Tips if I get a huge discount?
In most cases, no. This also depends on the agreement between us and you. The cheap services are not given with the full package of extras.
6Can I not get my free O/U predictions right away?
In case we haven't reached the required % success rate and the period has few daily matches, yes. Likewise, most teams are on vacation, etc. Sometimes it's better to wait for the best moment to make sure we do our best.
7Do you offer refunds in case of a lost match?
No! We do not offer refunds on either service.
8How can I trust that I will receive my tip/tips after I pay?
It is unacceptable for us not to send tips to a customer. Therefore, It will collapse our confidence suddenly.

Conclusion of FAQ

1Why should I choose your Over 2.5 predictions & BTTS Tips?
We are different because:
  • We have transparency and understanding.
  • Our team has over 7 years of experience concentrated only in Under/Over Bets
  • We have an excellent Replacement Policy.
  • We use the best statistical metrics.
  • Improving our analysis tools every month.
  • We pay as much attention as is sufficient for each customer.
2How are you different from the average bettor?
  • We have many years of concentrated experience in just this type of prediction
  • The team of Under Over Predictions uses the best-paid metrics for statistics and analysis.
  • Using psychology and excluding any whims and emotions from influencing our decisions.
In conclusion, we try to improve our services daily and your questions are very important to us. We will be happy to answer any that we have not been able to answer above.