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Get Over 2.5 goals tips & predictions [Free & Paid] calculated using the best betting algorithm. If you are looking for profitable Over/Under 2.5 goals predictions, you are at the right place. Get Over 2.5 Goals Tips with Over 87.7% success in the long term. We also have the best gg tipster who offers goals betting tips daily. Betting on goals is easy with the Under Over Predictions team. If you think we only offer Over 2.5 goals tips you are wrong. We also offer Over 1.5 goals tips, Under 2.5 goals, and GG top tips today. Improve your goal betting with us today! If you are interested in our Promotions and Paid Over 2.5 Tips CLICK HERE!
Over 2.5 Goals Predictions Today

Free Over 2.5 Tips & BTTS Predictions for 02.06.23

We also give the Over 1.5 goals tip, Under 2.5 goals tip, Under 3.5 goals tip, and Asian Goal Line as well.
Notvikens IK - StorforsOver 1.597%10/10
Bischofshofen - KufsteinOver 1.596%10/10
Wehen Wiesbaden - BielefeldOver 1.595%10/10
Saint-Étienne - ValenciennesOver 1.594%10/10
Nykøbing - FredericiaOver 1.593%10/10
St. Anna - TreibachOver 1.592%10/10

Paid Over 2.5 Tips & BTTS Predictions

01.06 Sure Over 2.5Stuttgart - HamburgerOver 2.51.623:0 WIN
01.06Bet Under Over 1Brescia - CosenzaUnder 2.51.601:1 WIN
01.06Bet Under Over 2Heerenveen - TwenteBTTS - YES1.701:2 WIN
31.05 Sure Over 2.5Rapperswil-Jona - Neuchâtel XamaxOver 2.51.571:3 WIN
31.05Bet Under Over 1NAC Breda - FC EmmenBTTS - YES1.571:2 WIN
31.05Bet Under Over 2Beroe - OFK PirinUnder 2.51.571:1 WIN
30.05 Sure Over 2.5Giresunspor - TrabzonsporOver 2.51.602:4 WIN
30.05Bet Under Over 1Fenerbahçe - AntalyasporBTTS - YES1.802:0 LOSS
30.05Bet Under Over 2Sivasspor - KonyasporOver 2.51.801:0 LOSS

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In short, we are a young and ambitious team whose goal, together with the members of our website, is to achieve profit in the long term. And more precisely, through the Over Under Tips, and BTTS Predictions we make. We work with the best tipster in the world of Goal Betting, striving to make it as easy as possible for our customers to bet on O/U predictions.

Our Mission

Our website's mission is to make people more informed about Under and Over 2.5 Goals Tips, and their bets more successful. We find the betting market as one for investment and not just for play. UnderOverPredictions team believes that anyone willing to spend a little of their time and budget can earn a good extra income.

Team Goals

We strive to help as many people as possible profit from sports betting and take this endeavor as an investment.


Our service consists of several subscriptions, the main purpose of which is a financial gain over a long period. We offer both paid and free Over 2.5 goals predictions.

Paid Over/Under & BTTS Tips Stats for May

O/U 1301318
O/U 2301912

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Over 2.5 goals predictions today

Every day we choose one of the thousands - of goals prediction of today over 2.5 tips. Predictions over 2.5 from the best under over tipster! Goal bets on another level.


Betting on goals is an amazing solution for any over under 2.5 goals novice bettor. With our goals prediction today you can gain great profit. We provide an accumulator over under 2.5 goals too. Get the next level over goals prediction today.

Predict over 2.5 goals every weekend

it's very easy for us to predict soccer over/under predictions for the weekend. Bet goal tips become easy to predict with experience and the tools that our tipster over under use.

Acca Over 2.5 goals prediction

Acca Over 2.5. Exactly, over predictions and especially over 2.5 bets accumulators are available daily. You can find them on our home page over under predictions soccer table.

Over 2.5 goals tips & predictions example for beginners

How to find your Over 2.5 single tip, Under 2.5 single tip, or Accumulator Over/Under Tip? In the pictures below you will see how to find your predictions easily and quickly. The steps you need to get to the under over predictions:
Firstly, log in to your bookmaker. Then click on the search bar icon at the top right corner for desktop users.
Secondly, type the received event from your Over 2.5 Goals Tipster in the search area. After that, find the relevant match.
Thirdly, enter the right goals prediction event, then click on the Over/Under button.
Lastly, pick your bet, either Over 2.5 or Under 2.5. After that, they will appear in your Bet Slip.
Finally, you have to place your bet. We hope this will help you navigate more easily and place your bet quickly.

Over 2.5 goals odds

Below you can see an example of a single over 2.5 tips with different odds. The first one is low odds over 2.5, the second is middle odds over 2.5. The third image shows meddle to big odds over 2.5, and the last one is the big odds over25tips.

What is an Over Under Bet?

Оver and Under Prediction meaning

In short, the term Over Under Bet is most commonly used in sports betting as a definition of a goal bet. For example, whether there will be goals scored in the upcoming football match. Therefore, football predictions have different types of Under/Over goals.

What Do Over 2.5 Goals Mean?

This is one of the most recognizable and widely used types of bets in football. In an over 2.5 goals bet you should not be partial to one team. In other words, the only and most important thing you care about is that both, or just one of the teams score goals. Therefore, here we derive a great positive from this fact and remove the emotional stake. For example, for over 2.5 bets to win, there must be 3 or more goals in the match. Unlike regular 1x2 bets or Asian handicaps, there is NO draw option here. That is to say, your bet will either win or lose. Over 2.5 goal tips rule out a tie, resulting in more variation and higher stats.

Where to bet on Over 2.5 Goals Football Betting Tips?

Every single bookmaker offers Over/Under bets. Due to many years of experience concentrated in this type of betting, we at 'UnderOverPredictions' have done extensive research. Therefore, we have made a list of the best bookmakers where you can always find our predictions. Moreover, with the highest average Overs and Unders coefficient.

How do we pick over 2.5 goals football betting tips?

How do you predict over-under?

Our O/U Tipster uses a complex statistical algorithm, based on which the success % of each bet is also determined. Additionally, there are 3 types of statistics that we look at and average in our final decision:
  1. Head to Head Stats - Last 5,10, 15 matches between both
  2. Home team - Last 10, 25, and 50 matches
  3. Away team - Last 10, 25, and 50 matches
Depending on the totality of all these statistics, we figure out exactly what % chance there is of over 2.5 goals in the match and stake a number. (from 1 to 10) This way, bettors can know exactly how much to bet. Moreover, to properly manage their bank. Other important factors that are secondary and influence our decision on which match to choose at the end of the day are:
  • Odds movements
  • Injuries and suspensions
  • Form (Overall Team Performance)
  • Lineup
  • Goal Standings

How to find good Over/Under 2.5 Goals Betting Tips?

In short, follow our free over 2.5 predictions and tips in the top table of the site every day. Also, finding the best Over/Under 2.5 Goals Betting Tips is taken care of by our professional tipster Lars. You don't need to waste time on this.

Is over 2.5 goals a good bet?

Definitely! Moreover, an Over 2.5 goals bet is one of the most profitable statistically for all bettors. Therefore, everyone can try and see for themselves. Over 2.5 goals bet is easiest to find, easiest to bet, and easiest to follow.

Who is the best over 2.5 predictions site for today

UnderOverPredictions.com is one of the best experts on over 2.5 prediction websites for today's goals predictions based on algorithm statistics and many other factors.

What do we offer?

  • Under/Over Predictions today
  • Under/Over Predictions tomorrow
  • Top Under/Over Predictions for today
  • Best Under/Over Predictions
  • Halftime Under/Over Predictions
  • GG Top Tips Today
  • Football Matches Score
  • Scoring goals
  • Over/Under Goal tip
  • Over 2.5 Goal scorers

Who are the best sports betting over under?

  1. Over 2.5 goals
  2. BTTS Predictions
  3. Under 2.5 goals
  4. Over 1.5 goals
  5. Under 3.5 goals
  6. Accumulator Over 2.5 & BTTS
  7. Accumulators Over 2.5 Goals
  8. Under/Over 2.5 Goals Accumulator Tip
  9. Over 2.5 goals betting tips

What Does Under 2.5 Goals Mean In Football Betting?

Under 2.5 goals is also one of the most popular types of bets. Specifically, it is the exact opposite of the over 2.5 goals bet. In short, for the bet to be successful, there must be 2 or fewer goals at the end of the football match. Therefore, the bet will be winning if there are 0, 1, or 2 goals in total at the end of the match.

What is your Over 2.5 goals system?

We use our goals betting tools to find high-scoring teams daily, also have Over 2.5 goals tips UK with the most scored goals for their last 10 up to 50 matches. Even more, our Over 2,5 tips tipster search for the Best teams for over 2.5 goals, and the Best leagues for over 2.5 goals.

Do you use more advanced tools for Over 2.5 predictions?

Yes. We use detailed Expected Goals statistics for teams and players from the English Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, etc. Specifically, xG stats for teams and players from the major European leagues.

How often do you give Under 2.5 tips?

To be honest, we use Under 2.5 goals less often. Unfortunately, it is rare to find this type of bet with higher stats. However, we don't miss a chance to share one when our algorithm finds under 2.5 predictions for the day.

Both Teams to Score (BTTS) meaning

The definition of this bet is simple. For example, if both teams score 1 or more goals, the BTTS bet is a winner. Therefore, if only one team scores or there is no goal at the end of the match, it means a loss for the bet.

How often do you give Both Teams Score Betting Tips?

In short, very fair. Although you may most often see the Both Teams to Score tip placed in our free Over/Under & BTTS section due to the low odds. Often the BTTS tips have lower odds and a high success rate daily.

Over 2.5 goals Statistics

Top 5 teams who scored the most Over 2.5 goals

Over 2.5 goals Stats from the last 3 months

  1. Werder Bremen
  2. Kasimpasa
  3. Jablonec
  4. Pescara
  5. Dinamo Tbilisi

Top 5 teams who scored the most Over 2.5 goals

Over 2.5 goals Stats from the last 3 months

  1. Werder Bremen
  2. Kasimpasa
  3. Jablonec
  4. Pescara
  5. Dinamo Tbilisi

Top 10 leagues with the most Over 2.5 Goals

Over 2.5 Goals Statistics from the latest months

  1. Kenya - Play-Offs 1/2
  2. League Cup Women - Iceland
  3. League Cup Women B - Iceland
  4. Iceland - Reykjavik Youth Cup
  5. Northern Ireland - Championship Women
  6. Norway - Junior U19
  7. Brazil 2 - Amazinense U20
  8. Albania 1 - Kampionati i Femarave
  9. Iceland - Cup Women C

Top 5 teams with the most Over 2.5 scored goals

Over 2.5 goals for the mast months by the teams

  1. San Donato Tavarnelle - Italy 4
  2. Union ArzignanoChiampo - Italy 4
  3. Audace Cerignola - Italy 4
  4. KH - Iceland
  5. Vængir Jupiters - Iceland

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